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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 9, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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and the measures take ton prevent long lines at the gas pump. people suffering from sandy. how can you make a difference. all the details on that this morning. >> thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. and lynette says we could see big things in the forecast. >> we'll start to have that warming trend. we're drying out nicely. the most powerful radar has the sweeps on. not a lot to scan. we will be cold this morning. we should be at 39. across the area. and 36 degrees. we have the winds out of the north. that's the name of the game. and 35 degrees and this is what
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we can expect as we head through the day. look at the sunshine that we'll receive. it is still cold out. as we go into lunchtime, 53 degrees and 56. not cold any more. and by tomorrow temperatures will be above average. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> if you are traveling, we are dealing with problems now. we have a tree blocking route 7 at 543. you will want to stick with 40. as we look at 95 at route 43. everything moving along as you head downtown. no problems to report.
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you will notice the jfx. and and towson and normal conditions. back to you. can you imagine being allowed to fill up your tank on certain days of the week. >> you remember if you remember the '70s. what is old is new again. the mayor announced mandatory rationing which started minutes ago. those with even numbered plates can buy gas on even numbered days. and odd numbered plates on odd numbered days. >> that should have started from the beginning. it would have eased up and you would not have the long lines and people trying to fight for gas. >> and police officers are out
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enforcing the new rule. more crews are helping the victims of sandy. more than 20 line specification -- specialists from bge will help to restore power. people here in maryland are recovering this morning from sandy. they were hit hard by the devastation. >> a effort to help them and sherrie johnson is live in baltimore with the details. sherrie? >> reporter: we're here at the aquarium in baltimore. just a few moments ago the bus arrived. volunteers are here to receive donations for those affected by sandy on the eastern shore. people are encouraged -- encouraged to stop by and fill the bus. the spwus in place. we need to pack it with items to help people. right now -- the bus is in
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place. we need people to help pack it. rich, tell us what is going on this morning. >> i was asked to kind of coordinate the efforts of golden ring travel and motor coach association and the tourism community to come together. we're accepting donations of non-perishable items, toys, clothes. and we'll take gently used coats and articles. we're going to fill this coach up and take the items down to the eastern shore that was really hit hard by the storm surge of sandy. >> why is it important that we come together and help down there. >> what can you tell people to come out and donate? >> new york and new jersey suffered greatly, they are getting a lot of much-deserved attention. but a small town where the crabs come from, how can you not help a town that gives us
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so much pleasure all summer long. they were devastated many homes are boarded up. we need to give back to our own community down there. >> you will be out here accepting donations here in front of the aquarium. you are taking off? >> yes. >> all right so thank you very much for coming here and talking with us. the bus is here. come down and donate ideas there. clothes, toys, supplies, tools they need it all. they need to help the friends and they will be here until 10 a.m. the os are collecting donations from 9 to 5 today. items include bottled water. food. kits and blankets. can you drop off the items by going to the office entrance in
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the warehouse. a new concern when it comes to your wallet. we could face a host of problems. there is no way to avoid the fiscal cliff. spending cuts and tax increases are set to kick in next year. it with send the economy into a tail-spin. that could increase. a immediate yap household income is $70,000. if everything stays as is, that family will be hit with $3500 in taxes. >> that's 300 a month or capable and electric combined. the president will speak at 1:00 today about the potential crisis. the children at hopkins gets creative and draws things and they are chosen and put on ties. they have done this for years and it has raised a lot of
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money if you have one today is the day to wear it. can you buy one, too. linda so is live and where are the ties sold? >> reporter: it is all in collaboration with jos a. bank, that's where can you find them. the collection is out. can you find them in the others -- stores and online. the artists who designed their own ties are wearing them. can you wave. they are troopers for getting up this early to be with us. you are with hopkins, you work with the kids. this is cool. >> this is one of my favorite projects all year. the kids do a great job of putting their personality to paper. you can see there is a variety of designs that comes together every year. they get creative. whatever comes out, it is their favorite design. while they go through a lot, they help other kids. >> reporter: sawsome. and it helps the hospital, tell us how.
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>> and the programming helps in a variety of ways. the things that insurance does not cover that is potential for the kids being kids and it helps cover. >> thank you. >> we have to talk to the artists here. >> tell us your name. >> i'm elizabeth. i drew this tie. children of the world. and it represents world peace. >> one of your favorite things. what did you draw? >> i drew apples with worms. >> mckenzie i drew a stocking. >> very cool. >> nathan. >> what is your tie about? >> it is all about christmas. it's christmas wreath. >> awesome. >> adam and my design is a rein deer. >> he is a comedian by the way.
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>> anthony. what is your tie? >> a snowman once i built one with my family outside of our home. >> let's wish for lots of snow. this is mia. she passed away before she was present. we spoke with her family they drove here to be with us. the ties are on sale. can you find them at any jos a. bank store or online t goes to help the hopkins children's center. back to you. >> he is accused of running over a student and taking off a man arrested will today learn how long he will be in jail. a theft caught on camera. the man police are looking for after he made off with puppies. in gas, no power, no relief. the last thing people on the east coast need, they don't
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need a snow storm. how they are left with a disaster in a matter of days. the weekend is here. will you need the big coat, rain gear or sunglasses. and traffic is moving along here at i-195. we're still dealing with a massive water main break. the details coming up. let's head to new york now a live look at times square. let's go to the big apple for tech bites. >> in the tech bites, verizon is reaching out to help victims of sandy. the carrier is offering free text and voice usage for customers in new york and new jersey. there is a new chompon in the smart phone market. the gal yam eye s3 is the number one selling smart phone in the world t sold 18 million units compared to 16.2 for the
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iphone 4 s. pineres. it can create three boards that are access believe by invitation only. a new web site lets users shop at high end shops around the globe. imagine lets shoppers browse in some of the most fashionable cities. if they like what they see, they can purchase it a few clicks of the mouse. those are the tech bites.
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sandy and a storm delivered a 1-2 punch. >> a lot of people feeling like they cannot get a break. >> some areas have a foot of snow and outages stretch from delaware to maine.
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and here is ed payne. >> reporter: gas rationing starts today for drivers in new york city and long island who spent hours waiting to gas up. the mayor said the move is designed to ease the fuel crunch. the shortages could last for a few weeks. >> the best way to cut down on the lines and stay open long her and reduce the potential -- longer and reduce the potential for disorder is alternate the days that can you get gas. >> reporter: it piled on misery for those who were reeling from sandy. it could have been worse. >> believe it or not the snow is helpful because it was not rain. it helped on the flooding side. secondary, the winds were not as severe as they predicted. >> reporter: a volunteer traveled from louisiana to the northeast to help storm victims. it is her way of giving back.
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>> they realized and they are thankful. and thank you for coming to help us. we turn around and say thank you for helping us when we needed it. we say hang in there. it will be better. it is a matter of time. >> reporter: it will take time for the crews to restore the power to the more than 650,000 people who are in the dark. ed payne, abc 2 news. >> that's tough to see that and hear what people are going through. >> we have been grateful for the relief coming our way. they need a break. >> they need and they are getting a break. and they are to the north. the last snow. they are dealing with cloud cover but new jersey and new york, they are looking good. >> yes. >> let's talk about what is going on. >> can you see it, not a lot of satellite. and not a lot of radar. not a lot of rain. that's what it picks up.
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can you see this to the north. they're not getting in on the action. they will have to dry out and clean up time can start all over again. temperatures will be cold. 36 in monrovia. shady side at 38. 37 in aberdeen. east toned a 41. as we head throughout the -- ease ton at 41 degrees. and temperatures will bump up. we're headed in the right direction. we're dealing with high pressure. it will keep the clouds from us. you have the sinking air. it cannot rise and form the clouds and you do not get rain. that's what we have for the coming days. make your plans accordingly. the weather that you have been asking for, it is coming. we look at the future trend a few high clouds.
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and this is what the planner looks like as we head through the day. temperatures at 53 degrees. we will go up from there. and forecasting the high at 2:00 at 56 degrees. and the temperatures are dropping off. look at the forecast a stellar day for a game as they will be praying -- playing the raiders on a sunday. as we head into monday good with the temperature at 67 degrees. let's check at the time saver traffic. >> we hope they will be beating the raiders this sunday. best of luck to them. if you are in hartford county. it has shut down route 7 at 543. stick with 40 or 495. if you are traveling the northeast corridor. no problems to report in white marsh. it will be 15 minutes from the beltway into the city. as we check in and take a look
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outside. you will notice actually can you pull up the camera. the west side. traffic is picking up. no delays as we travel down through route 40. and this is what 83 looks like and hunt valley. not too many cars out there. that's a look at your traffic. over to you. and take a look at this a visitor at a carpet store a deer dashed in. it was inside for half an hour. the animal made its way outside leaving a part behind and a ton of damage. >> i went out into the news room. they were on the floor rolling around with this puppy. check out the dog.
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>> this puppy will grow to a bigger dog. she is a pit bull mix. we have talked about it latedy. and that describes them. >> she is a mix. >> and right now it is tough on people. and a lot of people are saying that -- are you seeing more and more pit bulls. >> and this is affecting people and the pets. and it has been in the news that the dogs are dangerous. can you see she is sweet. friendly. she is not dangerous. playing with the producers was
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great socialising. and fixing them is good. they are less likely to bite. it is a loose dog who gets into trouble. >> before we go there has been discussion about the law changing. you hope it will. they know the rules needing to be turned away. >> you are open this weekend. can you tell them where to go. >> the information is on the screen. tries train need as home. look at that face. she is going to get one. thank you for coming in today. >> there is the information and can you go to the web site.
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look at this puppy. >> sweet. hello, little one, hello. [ laughter ] >> come see me. >> this is the rest of the show. and caught on camera, a man breaks into a pet store then makes off with three puppies. this is video from the store. can you see the thief throw a rock through the window and climb through it. he has three pups in the bag and makes the get away. the store owner made off with a yorkie puppy and two bug puppies that's a mix of a terrier and a pug, they ├▒rare small puppies they need a lot of care. , we get them back. >> and they have microchips. >> can you see the swarm. >> stay with us. we see people on camera doing
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bold things. >> this looks like a movie. a robbery in a mall. this is not made up. it is real life. what one store is doing to stay competitive.
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welcome back. we told you about what was going on with the beautiful pup here. megan and lynette and lauren they are playing with the animal. all the love that could you expect. and megan i need you back here! a heist caught on tape. think about the movies, the heat, bank job, italian job and. they look like they are out of a movie. six men with helmets and
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carrying axes, bats and riding into the mall. they go into a jewelry store and smash a window and make off with $3 million worth of jewels and items. police are looking for the three men. they cannot make out faces on this, they all made it out. >> that's bold. >> i think they would be a able to find them with the bikes. >> there nowhere to be found 36,789,000,000 that's a smash and grab job. >> that's crazy. >> what do you have today. >> and adorable. >> this is jessica brooks and his son. >> we posted them and it generated a ton of comments. >> my future is so bright i have to wear shades. >> a hard night in the crib. steven. bond, james bond.
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>> bad to the bone. and ruth, jack him oleson's baby. bring on the sun. >> all right, all right. >> he looks cool. >> i need some captions for next week. >> keep them coming. we can start your shopping because some customers can get deals on line starting the 18th. and wal-mart offering more discounts. camping out for hours, just to see a movie, when you see this you will think what are they thinking. a woman traveled to california to be there. she would not miss it for anything. that's coming up next. okay, now here's our holiday gift list.
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